Social media has come a long way on its application, from just a medium of communicating and connecting every users to their family and friends, making it a tool for disseminating information and news, for advertising a product, promotions and other work related concerns.

Gadgets especially smartphones have become a go-to device for it offers all the needs of an individual when it comes to socializing, and by just a one click, you are already connected to the world- social media.

A new report came out last January 2018 made by London, United Kingdom-based creative agency We Are Social and Hootsuite that there are already more than 4 billion people who use the internet and the use of social media continue to grow with more than 3 billion people using it around the world each month. Affordable smartphones and mobile data plans offered in the market are some of the factors of its increase.


Despite of bustling schedule of a lot of people, thanks to social media because it serves an all-in-one tool to make every user stay connected and updated for different information they want to know.

Most people depend on social media for updates and for entertainment, but there are still some who take advantage and abuse who use it to deceive and harm many people.

Cyber bullying (online bashing, discrimination, hate messages etc.) is one of the negative effects of social media which continuously creates an unhealthy environment all over the web that gives the person an anxiety, depression and loses self-confidence; spreading fake news, breaching cyber security (malware, viruses etc.), scamming.


All these and other harmful actions online can be prevented if we practice and use social media responsibly and safely.

Here are some tips and guidelines on how to use social media sites responsibly to build a healthy online community.

  • DON’T post any material that supports illegal activity, offensive, hateful or racially, threatening, obscene, embarrassing, defamatory nor invading someone else’s privacy.
  • Violating any laws and regulations SHOULD BE AVOIDED including intellectual property (IP) rights and plagiarism.
  • AVOID sending any unauthorized form of solicitation.
  • Always keep in mind that if you affiliate your job with your personal social media profile, you are representing both yourself and employer.
  • Be careful on what you share online; for your safety, don’t post your daily routine because that information can be used by whoever has a bad intention on you.
  • Parents should guide their kids on using social media properly to develop correct judgment and use it securely.

Having the freedom to use social media doesn’t mean we can post or share anything we want; all users are solely responsible for their content. In this day, we should all be intelligent enough to use online media sites and give facts, useful information and good news to establish a more user-friendly environment online.









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