Voice of the People as Citizen Journalists

Filipinos are not just an ordinary audience today, they’re not just absorb what media fed to them but rather they are being part of making and creating a news.

Ordinary citizens use their voice to inform other people to a certain issue and it refer to as a citizen journalism. They also use it as a way to report their concerns about social issues and community problems.

A freedom that is exercised in our country which practices democracy. Having this freedom, we should be responsible for every actions we make, “think before you click” according to a saying.

Our freedom to post and disseminate information through internet and social media platforms should be used in a good way because it reaches worldwide.

To practice this kind of skill, different organizations created a program to help us understand more about citizen journalism and be one. Two of them are the YouScoop and Bayan Mo Ipatrol Mo.

The YouScoop of GMA News Online and GMA News and Public Affairs alows ordinary citizen to be involved in reporting the news by just sending them the information, photos or videos that supports their submitted information that is newsworthy.

Submitted content are first verified by the GMA News staff to counter check its accuracy. The name and contact details of the sender is required when submitting a scoop.

If by chance, your scoop may be featured in their YouScoop page which is selected by a team of editors but if it is a hot scoop it might publish on air and online in any of their news programs.

Bayan Mo Ipatrol Mo of ABS-CBN News also practices citizen journalism, a program empowering citizens to be engaged in reporting newsworthy issues around them.

The goal of this program is to go in different remote cities in the country and make a workshops that will educate and share informations on citizen journalism and to tackle the issues on fake news.

Everyone who participated in their program is called Bayan Patrollers. They also shared news information that sometimes showed on air on their news programs.

Citizen journalism plays a vital role in giving news information because news happened anytime and anywhere and so the people.

The responsible use of internet and social media should be exercised, abusing its power could harm other people. Educate ourselves how we can maximize technology and social media as a platform in disseminating accurate news information.











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